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I draw cancer art and take generic photos of random animals, then I pretend its quality content. Enjoy I guess.

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I fave too much!


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Collab: Hockley Woods Kiss by Zoruaofepic
Collab: Hockley Woods Kiss
90% of this was done by my boyfriend, SirCommieHorseIV. I just did the shading and touched up some of the lines, but he insisted that I should upload it anyway.
Ref: Juicy Eyed The Wysp Breezie PENDING APPROVAL by Zoruaofepic
Ref: Juicy Eyed The Wysp Breezie PENDING APPROVAL
Wysps are a semi-open breezie species owned by FuyusFox. The thought of designing one of these tiny moth horses was too irresistable to pass up, so I made another new oc. Choosing a color scheme I liked was probably the hardest part.

Species: Wysp
Name: Juicy Eyed
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Job: Scout
Markings: spots, stripes
Traits: Common
Bio: Juicy Eyed is your average wysp scout, living alone with her mate, Mystril. She isn't one for conversation, save for talking to her mate on a daily basis. When she does speak, she doesn't have the concept of an "indoor voice." She loves fruit, and finds the aroma of citrus to be relaxing and therapeutic. She also loves bunnies, simply because she finds them cute and generally harmless, despite being huge when compared to breezies. She likes using sophisticated words in her vocabulary even if she doesn't particularly understand their definition in order to sound smarter. It isn't hard to make this wysp laugh, she loves a good inside joke or cheesy pun.

(By the way, Mystril is SirCommieHorseIV's oc, please go check out his art, he's funny and talented.)
I need to stop blurting out whatever is on my mind.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Epinea The Zorua Journal Doll by Thiefing by Zoruaofepic

Greetings, strangers of the internet. I wouldn't say I'm a professional or serious artist, I'm just your average American who enjoys drawing and playing video games in her spare time. I almost always use a wireless mouse when I draw digitally. I do own a tablet, but I am awful at using it, and it seems impossible to draw properly with it since I honestly haven't taken the time to practice and adjust to how it functions. I draw a lot of fanart dedicated to nerdy stuff I like such as Pokemon and My Little Pony. But I also enjoy drawing strange, mutated or fantasy-eque creatures. I also like drawing traditional mythical beasts such as dragons. Sometimes I just draw normal animals as well.

I am very interested in nature and wildlife, and I love animals. Sometimes I will partake in wildlife photography and birdwatching as a hobby. I am also an equestrian, and I have been riding horses regularly ever since I was about eight years old. I'd like to say that I'm a decent writer from what I've been told by my peers. I enjoy writing about the noteworthy experiences I've had with various animals over the course of my life. I rarely ever upload my literature here, however.

I love zorua, in case you didn't notice from my username. If you don't know what a zorua is, basically, its a dark-type fox Pokemon that can create illusions. I have a zorua oc or "Pokesona" named Epinea who I created back in 2011. Her personality and interests are fairly identical to mine, but at the end of the day she is still just a zorua with brownish-golden fur and hazel eyes, so you could call her a donut steel. Still, I keep her around for nostalgic and ironic purposes.
You can read more about zorua here:…

I might as well mention this now because you will end up finding out sooner or later, but I have a vore fetish because I'm degenerate trash I guess. If you want to turn back now I completely understand. I do occasionally draw vore-themed scenarios, but I don't flaunt my weird kinks around, and I will never force them onto others. Like I said, I draw plenty of other stuff too.

I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave constructive criticism, funny remarks, or general non-spam comments.

Muh waifu: :iconsircommiehorseiv:

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Works really gonna suck today, so I can't wait to get home to you dear. Why am i writing this on your DA?

Because I was on your page, cause I do that sometimes. Honestly when you wake up you seem to check DA automatically. If I'm working before you wake I hope you have fun drawing and il be home to you asap for another whacky adventure in memes.


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I wish you the best luck at work, sorry about the hellish hot weather, we had a heat wave in Virginia today so it isn't much better here. 

You are my fag too, <3 
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