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I'm not the best artist but I still love drawing and working to improve my art skills.

To everyone who has faved and/or commented, thank you <3

Warning: My gallery does contain some vore and a bit of hypnosis art.

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I fave too much! <3 But yea XD


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Fury Belle Being Intelligent by Zoruaofepic
Fury Belle Being Intelligent
Just some silly fanart for It's a tumblr askblog about an angry radical feminist Sweetie Belle. I like the way catfood-mcfly draws ponies, some of the expressions he uses in his comics are hilarious. 
Ref: Jesse-the-Zorua's Changeling OC by Zoruaofepic
Ref: Jesse-the-Zorua's Changeling OC
This is Jesse-the-Zorua's changeling/mlp oc. I designed this oc for him as a gift, since he was generous and awesome enough to give me a premium membership that lasted for many, many months. While not necessary, it was very kind of him. :aww: I hope you like how he turned out! :D 

The following is written by Jesse-the-Zorua:

Name - Jesse

Powers - shapeshift (can't turn into others but into a pony that is close to his changeling look) red energy magic (similar to red lanterns from DC comics but not rage based)

Likes - Free will, apples, and animals

Hates - being controlled, told what to do, and Queen Chrysalis

Home - unknown location in Everfree Forest

Pony Form - Alicorn

Background - Jesse left Chrysalis' hive because he could stand her or being controlled/told what to do, he left and is now patrolling around Ponyville and the Everfree Forest protecting ponies from other Changelings. He is shy to Ponies and tries to avoid them even in pony form. His magic is unknown and even he isn't even sure why he can use it.
Ref: Trofie Trance The Lamia Pony by Zoruaofepic
Ref: Trofie Trance The Lamia Pony

This oc started as a simple little doodle I made on my lunch break at work.

Some anons on /mlp/ helped me choose her colors and her name. By the way, her name is a pun for both pasta and hypnosis. The whole pasta thing is a joke someone made on how thin she looked in my original doodle. I guess now I have two snake pony hybrid oc abominations, the second being Kelly.

Name: Trofie Trance

Gender: Female

Species: Naga pony/lamia pony/snake pony

Trofie Trance is a rather short and thin lamia pony. She is actually a bit insecure about her length and weight, knowing that most other nagas and lamias have longer and bulkier coils then her. Depending on her mood, she will get either embarrassed or agitated if someone comments on her short length. She enjoys dancing, and can move rather gracefully using the snake half of her body. She usually doesn’t venture into populated towns like Ponyville. Many ponies don’t trust or feel comfortable around her due to her weird appearance, and because she has a mainly carnivorous diet. Trofie Trance has been known to devour ponies and other creatures that have made fun of her in the past. She can hold a nasty grudge, and will often use her hypnotic powers to subdue her victims. She also likes eating noodles, which are one of the few foods she can stand that lack any meat in them.  Trofie Trance doesn’t really have a specific place to call home; she lurks around the outskirts of populated towns, such as Ponyville. She has been sighted in the Everfree Forest, as well as several other forests located in Equestria. She is energetic most of the time, but also prone to anxiety and being easily startled. She also hates being spied on.

snakepone doodle by Zoruaofepic
snakepone doodle
Just a silly doodle I made recently. Ponies + snakes = Yay!

Update: She is an official oc of mine now!
Monmusu: Suu by Zoruaofepic
Monmusu: Suu
I never thought I'd actually like a harem manga series, but Monster Musume is clever and funny as hell, and I was so exited when I discovered that it was getting it's own anime. In fact, episode 1 was just released a few days ago. So to celebrate, I drew Suu the slime girl! Yea, I managed to draw a humanoid creature somewhat decently for once, who knew that was possible? 
Rambling I guess :P

I had my first day of work for at my summer job yesterday, and my second day of work was today. I'm working at a nature center, which is great because I adore nature and animals. I also get to teach younger kids about animals with that camp program they are hosting, and the kids are really cute, so it's a fun job. 

I started playing Skyrim recently, and wow...the game is really beautiful and immersive, now I understand all the hype it got in 2011.

I've also been reading this funny manga about monster girls called "monster musume." I am caught up on the manga at this point. I was so exited when I found out they were making an anime adaptation of it! In fact, episode 1 just premiered today, so I'm going to go watch it right now! I should really draw some fanart to celebrate. 


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United States
Epinea The Zorua Journal Doll by Thiefing by Zoruaofepic

Hello strangers of the internet :)

I wouldn't say I'm a professional or serious artist, I'm just your average teenager who occasionally has a little too much time on her hands, and enjoys drawing in her spare time. I draw pokemon a lot, but I also draw other things, usually animals or mythical creatures.

I love zorua, in case you didn't notice from my username, if you don't know what a zorua is, basically, its a fox pokemon that can create illusions. Read more about zorua here.…
I don't really have a specific favorite pokemon, but zorua is one of my favorites. I have a zorua Pokesona, her name is Epinea. I draw her often as well.

I'm a pegasister, I really like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, I'm proud to call myself a fan. I used to hate ponies, until I decided to watch one show, then I was hooked. <3 Yes, I do draw MLP art as well.

Oh, did I mention I like vore? Yes vore...I understand if you don't like it, and I understand why you might think its gross, but if you can respect the fact that we have different interests that would be awesome. I am a vore artist, sometimes I upload vore, but I draw other things too so don't expect my gallery to be spammed with it

When I get older, I'm hoping to get a photography career, I love photography, especially wildlife photography. Probably because I'm a huge nature lover :XD: Anyway, I wouldn't say I'm a skilled photographer, but I sure love taking photos. I occasionally upload some of my photos.

I also really like playing minecraft, my mc username is Epineazorua :3 I enjoy playing mmos and mmorpgs as well, my favorite being TERA Online

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